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Condiciones actuales

Datos de la montaña

  • 0 cm nieve anual
  • 40.4686 esquiables totales hectacres
  • Elevación Superior de la Base 2755m, base 1704m
  • 0% principiante, 39% intermedios, 48% avanzado, 13% expertos
  • Inicial Proyectado 20/12/2014
  • Cierre Previsto 12/04/2015

Getting to Courmayeur

Courmayeur shares Mont Blanc skiing with neighboring French resort Chamonix in France. The closest airports include Caselle, in Turin and Milano’s Linate and Malpensa. Ski.com recommends flying into Caselle because it’s a bit closer to Courmayeur. Gevena’s Cointrin is also an option.

Traveling overseas can be confusing and stressful, so let Ski.com take the reins and help you find, and book, your ideal Courmayeur ski vacation flights. We can also direct you towards rental car options, shuttle services and train services.

Generally, most ski vacationers prefer to travel to Courmayeur via rail to Aosta, where they then hop on a bus connection to transport them the remaining distance to Courmayeur.

To learn more about how to get to Courmayeur call, or chat with, one of Ski.com’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.