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Condiciones actuales

Datos de la montaña

  • 0 cm nieve anual
  • 20.2343 esquiables totales hectacres
  • Elevación Superior de la Base 2505m, base 1034m
  • 0% principiante, 57% intermedios, 28% avanzado, 15% expertos
  • Inicial Proyectado 06/12/2014
  • Cierre Previsto 06/04/2015

Getting to Grindelwald

Located just under 100 miles from Zurich international airport, Flughafenstrasse, a Grindelwald ski vacation is among some of the most accessible European ski trips. Traveling by rail to Grindelwald from Zurich is recommended, as there limited car parking once you arrive. Plus the Swiss rail system is extensive, prompt (running every 30 minutes) and extremely convenient. The train ride from Zurich to the breathtaking Interlaken area takes just under two hours minutes. If you arrive to Switzerland via Zurich or Geneva, you must change trains in Bern. Once you arrive to Interlaken Ost there are connections to Grindelwald.

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